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State Emergency Management Consultation

Consultation Information

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) has responsibility for the development maintenance and review of the State Emergency Management (EM) Policy and State Emergency Management Plans ( ss. 17-19 Emergency Management Act 2005) 

To ensure these arrangements maintain their relevancy and ability to manage emergencies in Western Australia, they must undergo a process of continuous improvement. 


In addition to the State EM Policy and plans, a suite of State EM documents support these strategic arrangements.  All of these documents must be reviewed annually for statement of fact changes and undergo a comprehensive review every 5 years in accordance with State EM Preparedness Procedures 1-5.

When developing or reviewing these documents, a consultation strategy must be created to obtain feedback from relevant stakeholders identified as being affected by the documents (State EM Preparedness Procedures 5). 

This consultation website has been created to streamline this process and provide SEMC stakeholders with an open opportunity to provide feedback on the reviews being undertaken by the SEMC. 

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